Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Body Art

Tattoos have become fairly common within our current world. For some people they are only a mistake but to others it means the world. It is a permanent expression of art upon ones body. It sounds a little crazy to have art inked within your body with needles but it is a beautiful way to express love for something. The television show L.A. Ink follows the life of Kat Von D and her tattoo shop obviously located in L.A.. On the show you see people getting tattoos, some people get portraits of loved ones, others get flowers. There is no limit on what you can get. When each person gets a tattoo on the show they tell the story behind the tattoo. Each one has a beautiful meaning. Kat Von D and her crew of misfit tattoo artists create beautiful works of art on skin. Anything a person can imagine can be transpired onto skin. Masterpieces are made on every inch of the body. Whether it be a cross or a word each tattoo is a modern work of art.

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