Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Dance is a type of artistic expression that every single person can use. Everybody can express themselves through dance from Brady, my five-year-old sister, to Chris Brown, famous artist with dance moves to match. Dance can come from your head, your hands, your toes or your feet. Movement is dance. Dance is art. It takes no skill to dance, simply bob your head or tap your toes and you're expressing yourself through art. There are those who work at it and accomplish moves that I can only dream about. Dance can be taught or made up. It can be done in a group or solo. Art is an expression of self, something that tells a story. Dance always tells a story. Sometimes its the story of a song and sometimes its the story of one's feelings. Shapes are made and emotions are portrayed. Dance can be beautiful and elegant or it can be dark and rough. Dance is one of the best expressions of art because anybody and everybody can do it. The only problem with dance is you can't hang it on your wall like you can a painting or stand it in your yard like a statue. Dance is in the moment art, expressed differently each time it's redone. It can never be perfectly duplicated, everybody's body moves differently. Dance is specific to each person, their very own expression of art.

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