Friday, September 17, 2010

Coyle Colored Pencil Drawing November 10,2006

Clare Coyle Taylor portrays great emotion through her mishmash of colors and strokes in her colored pencil drawing, November 10,2006. When first examining the drawing the geometric shapes jump out due to their bold outlining. Each shape is exploding with multiple colors fuzing together to create a perplex image. Texture is added through accents of black and other colors. The brightness and confusion of the drawing give it an overall carefree emotion. Coyle isn't afraid to color outside the lines, strokes of hot pink exit the square that encompasses all of the drawing.
The shapes are arranged in no exact pattern but they appear to begin in the upper left corner and extend out. Small squares are drawn within bigger squares which are drawn within bigger squares. There are no repeats within this drawing, every element of it is different. The same colors are used but Coyle blends each color with another making it an original color. Her colors and shapes create an amazing abstract image.

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